The Poetry in Life – Schumann, Adès, Brahms 18-19 May 2018

Robert Schumann, the great stand-alone German Romantic.

Born to a literary father and who spent his childhood reading, writing, and compiling poems in dad’s bookstore; becoming a musician
happened later in life for Schumann than other known musical prodigies.

But where he left his mark, was where no one else could.


Second to none in the realm of song literature, it was here where Schumann was able to synthesise his innermost sensibilities
with his strong literary orientation and a fully blossoming musical expression.

Schumann wrote copiously throughout his life. Obsessively filling diaries, notebooks, lists; writing reviews, novels, poems; and leaving behind vast correspondences
with colleagues, friends and especially Clara; Schumann’s critical writings from his own journal ‘New Leipzig Musical Times’,
founded for the sake of a ‘new, poetic future’, are still to this day, a popular and accurate reference for all the contemporary musical happenings,
and observations of musical compositions and musicians, during his time, in Europe and abroad.

The Poetry in Life – Schumann, Adès, Brahms is an exploration of Schumann’s literary life that spilled wholeheartedly into his musical creative output in songs, solo piano music
and chamber music; a look into the works of Schumann’s prolific parallel, the contemporary British composer Thomas Adès, who was also born to a poet and for whom the intertwining of literature
and music comes so naturally; and which closes with the musical poetry found in the mature and late years of Brahms,
a younger German Romantic discovered at age 20 and hailed by Schumann himself as the ‘chosen one’.

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