The TTK Grand Series and our partner The Red Pencil, are gathering art materials for a private music and art experience session this 18 May 2018, designed for a small group of children who have undergone cancer treatment and who are now in remission.

Donate your precious art and craft materials sitting in the bottom drawer of your desks and cupboards so we can make this music and art experience come alive for these children !

We are looking for:

glass jars (with lids) of all different shapes and sizes
bags of beads (or very small round objects like pearls) in all different colours
bags of sand in different colours
jumping clay in different colours
scraps of textured fabric
lots of variety of scrap booking materials
coloured paper
even items from nature eg. leaves, twigs, tree bark, sea shells
glass markers
glue sticks

Private message us here for a passover !

For every donation, we’ll update you with a private thank-you message, after the session, complete with behind-the-scene event pictures !

#ttkgrandseries @TTKGrandSeries #thepoetryinlife