#calmwithmozart – Dedicated to Caregivers of Children-Youths with Special Needs

This turbulent time during the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically transformed the lifestyles of many – with the minimisation of physical gatherings and an increasing awareness towards personal hygiene.  The pandemic has also brought about financial strains for various communities within our society, especially affecting more vulnerable individuals, such as self-employed persons and those already living within challenging circumstances.

Chamber Music and Arts Singapore (formerly known as Tang Tee Khoon Grand Series), has been working with multiple partner organisations and beneficiary organisations since its establishment in 2014 ~ to bring timeless music to communities, including the less privileged.  With children who live within challenging circumstances held particularly close to our hearts, we have been reaching out to communities such as Friends of ASD Families, Extra•Ordinary People and more, to offer the benefits of classical music to children from a wide variety of social-economic backgrounds.

And now more than ever ~ we are continuously exploring ways to further support these communities during this extended period of physical distancing. 

private Music-Art Experience session at National Gallery held by TTK Grand Series in May 2018 for children from NUH Children Cancer department

While children and youths with special needs form our key audience amongst beneficiaries, we also notice the heavy burdens carried by their caregivers and family members.  In face of this current challenging time, caregivers and family members are undoubtedly meeting more obstacles than before, and we want to be a source of strength and support for these pivotal individuals. 

In April 2020, we rolled out our very first and own online Series titled #calmwithmozart on our TTK Grand Series Facebook page to provide weekly encouragement to caregivers and family members of children and youths with special needs to maintain a self-care routine.  This Series features uploads of select movements from Mozart’s Sonatas for piano and violin, paired with video reels of landscape visuals by enthusiastic local and international photographers and painter, and accompanied by short restorative self-care suggestions for viewers.

#calmwithmozart online Series by Chamber Music and Arts Singapore (TTK Grand Series)

Video uploads took place every Thursday and Sunday at 9pm, offering music by internationally acclaimed musicians Sam Haywood (piano), Luca Buratto (piano) and Tang Tee Khoon (violin).  All uploads were extracted from LIVE concert recordings at Esplanade, Singapore by TTK Grand Series, from our trilogy of Mozart36 projects that brought audiences through the complete 36 Sonatas for piano and violin by Mozart, and a selection of his iconic chamber works and concerti.

Mozart36 ~ Evening Concert by TTK Grand Series in November 2019

After 5 weeks, we successfully wrapped Season 1 of #calmwithmozart, benefitting caregivers from Friends of ASD families, Society Staples, LOVE NILS, and more.  Season 2 subsequently continued from 28 May, with 5 more weeks of uploads that sustained till early July. 

All uploads remain free and accessible for all until Dec 2021, so caregivers, family members, and other individuals who find the Series beneficial can come back to this whenever they wish to.  If you have yet to give #calmwithmozart a visit, do head over to our (brand new!) CMAS Facebook page for the complete Series !  Or if you know of someone who needs a little pick-me-up in their day, feel free to share our link with them too !  

#calmwithmozart is the perfect company for a quiet night of reflection, rest and relaxation ~