Chamber Music and Arts Singapore – What’s Next?

This July, Tang Tee Khoon Grand Series underwent its transformation into Chamber Music and Arts Singapore Limited, and we are so glad to embark on this brand new journey with you – our past patrons, supporters, partners and friends.  Beyond just a change into a company status, this has been a development we’ve been working on for the past few months, to bring not just classical chamber music, but now also chamber arts, to the communities around us. 

More than before, we are determined –

  To bring the best music and musicians

to communities connected with us

To use music to cultivate compassionate understanding

and connection between people

To inspire the love of music in all people,

especially young people

To be a space where musicians and artists can develop and grow.


And the change does not stop here..!

On top of our evening concerts, concerts for children, programmes for youths, our Homegrown Series, and other activities in the community, we will be launching a brand new sphere this August, to bring chamber music and chamber arts closer to you ~! 

In the midst of a physically-distanced world, we want that music and the arts continue to be accessible to all.  Towards this end, Chamber Music and Arts Singapore is building a sphere within which children and youths can continue to engage meaningfully with music and the arts for personal inner growth and development.  A creative and comforting space, where music and the arts can be shared and enjoyed by both creators, curators, children and youths, we have been preparing for this innovation with our powerhouse team of professionals since April, and cannot wait to share this with you come August !

Moving forward, we will be uploading blog posts here on this page every Thursday, so you can be kept up to date on the work we are immersing in, as well as obtain materials and insights into chamber music and chamber arts happenings, locally and internationally.

Likewise, our social media platforms – CMAS’ brand new Facebook page ! and our Instagram account – will also be keeping you up to date through relevant and personable content beyond CMAS updates into the local and international chamber music and chamber arts scenes ~! 

A new beginning for us – we hope you will stay with us and continue sharing with us, a common interest and passion in music and the arts.  CMAS will be working hard to bring you great chamber music and chamber arts, for a long time to come ~ so keep your eyes peeled !