Detailed Insights into #origins and #blossoms

If you follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages, you would’ve seen posts on our upcoming brand new sphere, and introductions to #origins and #blossoms ~!

The launch of our brand new sphere will be happening in exactly 1 day, and we hope you are as excited as we are !  Created by our internationally-acclaimed musicians, our brilliant illustrators and our leading art therapist, the launch of this brand new sphere aims to bring chamber music and chamber arts closer to you at home.  So that music and the arts can be shared and enjoyed by both creators, curators, children and youths in a creative and comforting space.

#origins, as its name suggests, brings us back to the source – the source of musical creativity.  In #origins, classical music stories come alive by way of colourful illustrations, light animations and gripping listening opportunities – on top of activity sheets for reviewing knowledge gained and canvases for self-expression.  Specially designed for children ages 0 to 6 and 6 to 12, #origins sustained programmes bring young ones on uniquely different journeys, curated specifically for each age group and developmental stage. 

For little buds ages 0 to 6, relatable stories about the great creative masters and their early lives are brought to life through animated illustrations and listening opportunities.  With these engaging and attractive Storyboards as the main offering each month, parents and children can look forward to an environment of fun and learning, as well as precious times of bonding with one another. 

For new sprouts ages 6 to 12, deeper stories about the great creative masters are offered, with stronger emphasis on expanding a child’s musical, artistic, cultural and general knowledge.  Through monthly collections comprising Storyboards – accompanied by activities and canvases, confident and poised children with a musical and artistic sense as well as a knowledge about the world, can be nurtured.

Complementary to #origins, #blossoms is created for the unique individual.  Consisting of two vastly different programmes – one for children & youths with special needs, and one for youths & young adults – #blossoms is curated with one goal in mind, for the blossoming of the unique individual and the fulfilment of their potential.

#blossoms sustained programme for children & youths with special needs offers fresh musical and artistic experiences each month, created to aid and guide the child / youth in his / her development of emotion regulation, calming, creativity and self-expression, as well as positive self-talk and reframing.

Designed for our most mature audiences in this new sphere, #blossoms sustained programme for youths & young adults brings one through a journey of self- discovery, of encouraging positive psychology, of exploring expression, and of building character strengths – through engaging with music and the arts in a thoughtfully guided process by our creators.  With this experience culminating in forming new bonds with other members of this like-minded community, through interaction and conversation within forum discussions.

Across the 4 sustained programmes within #origins and #blossoms, one can witness the growth and development of a little seedling into a strong, mature tree; and this is what our brand new sphere is about – providing a creative and comforting space where children and youths can engage meaningfully with music and the arts for personal inner growth.

We have been preparing for this launch over the past few months, and will be revealing it in full on 8 August ~!  If you haven’t yet followed us on our Facebook and Instagram pages, do visit us there and keep a lookout for our launch, as well as its full revelation !

We will be welcoming you with open arms !