Diving into the theme of the month #blossoms: LOVE 

Early in Aug 2020, we successfully launched our brand new sphere, The Glasshouse – where interactive chamber music and chamber arts content is offered weekly, through 4 extensive sustained programmes, as part of #origins and #blossoms. 

If you follow this space, you would know that #origins brings stories about the great original creative masters to children ages 0-6 and 6-12.  On the other hand, #blossoms is created for the unique individual, and curated for the blossoming and fulfilment of their potential.

#blossoms sustained programme for youths & young adults brings one through a journey of self-discovery, of encouraging positive psychology, of exploring expression, and of building character strengths – through engaging with music and the arts in a thoughtfully guided process by our creators.  With this experience culminating in forming new bonds with other members of this like-minded community, through interaction and conversation within forum discussions.

Each month, #blossoms sustained programme for youths & young adults focuses on a different theme, bringing youths and young adults through the exploration of Virtues of Humanity, Virtues of Transcendence and Virtues of Temperance. 

This month, the theme in focus is LOVE, a Virtue of Humanity. 

Youths and young adults within The Glasshouse #blossoms programme will be brought through an exploration of this indispensable element of life from the ancient Greeks till today – with stories behind Schumann’s Myrthen Op. 25 song cycle, Beethoven’s Piano Sonata Op. 27 No. 2 ‘Moonlight’ and Wagner’s Siegfried Idyll, all accompanied by excerpts of these great masters’ writings, as well as clips of their musical works. 

The Ancient Greeks distinguished 3 types of love, namely eros (romantic love), philia (friendship) and agape (unconditional love).  Beyond the musical stories shared, youths and young adults will also be encouraged to find some quiet time to reminisce on one of their experiences of love, and jot it down in their #blossoms journal. 

Their monthly experience in The Glasshouse #blossoms sustained programme for youths & young adults then wraps up with an activity of Expression, where youths and young adults embark on a tangible takeaway from their journey – in the form of a visual arts piece or a craft.

LOVE, as well as many other themes in life such as gratitude, self-regulation and social intelligence, are character strengths and virtues inherent in the growth and development of an individual being. 

By way of reflection and expression, on top of exposure and interaction with these themes through bite-sized musical stories and listening, #blossoms sustained programme for youths & young adults looks to provide a creative and comforting space within The Glasshouse to allow the growth of positive psychology in our young people.

Of course, if you wish to embark on more journeys to discover stories behind great creative masters such as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, do feel free to hop over to #origins as well.  While the content is delivered through fun illustrations and animations for children, youths and young adults can definitely enjoy them too ~!  

With just an additional SGD 4 / month, you will be able to access all 4 sustained programmes in The Glasshouse via a full membership ~

We look forward to meeting you within The Glasshouse, where music and the arts can be shared and enjoyed by all of us – creators, curators, children and youths; and cannot wait to bring you more themes ~!