Insights into #blossoms colourful blooms in spring 

Over the past weeks, our blog posts have touched on The Glasshouse sustained programmes, including #origins for children ages 0-6 and 6-12, as well as #blossoms for youths & young adults.  This week, we will be sharing insights into #blossoms colourful blooms in spring, our unique sustained programme for children & youths with special needs. 

Since 2018, Chamber Music and Arts Singapore has been putting in extra effort to bring quality classical chamber music to more vulnerable communities around us.  Working with organisations like The Red Pencil, LOVE NILS, Pathlight School, Friends of ASD Families and more, hundreds of children & youths living within challenging circumstances, have since walked through our private music-art experience sessions and our interactive Concerts for Children !

With the aim of bringing chamber music and chamber arts closer to our communities, The Glasshouse was successfully launched 3 weeks ago – as a creative and comforting virtual space, where music and the arts can be shared and enjoyed by both creators, curators, children and youths.

In our sustained programme #blossoms, children & youths with special needs venture through lighthearted musical and artistic journeys each month.  Here, guidance and play is offered to support children & youths in their development of emotion regulation, calming, creativity and self-expression, as well as positive self-talk and reframing.  These fresh musical and artistic experiences are designed to invisibly create positive change, in happy minute steps.

In the upcoming year, children & youths within #blossoms colourful blooms in spring can expect monthly guided art and music experientials such as My Listening Nest and My Happy Place (featured above). 

Delivered through Buncee – a child-friendly creative software, our monthly guidance and play does need the accompaniment of a caregiver for the child / youth, as not only do the activities require the development of fine motor skills and the use of various art supplies provided within a sensory Art Kit we have created to complement a year-long journey, the children & youths will also be encouraged to share their creative work online as Buncees on Buncee Boards for support and cheer from fellow members of the #blossoms community.

To top it off, all members of The Glasshouse can also look forward to interacting with our creative artists at end-of-the-month LIVE engagement sessions on Zoom, when they will be treated to deeper stories, more music, guided discussions and more !

#blossoms colourful blooms in spring is also suitable for children & youths with regular needs ~!  While #origins takes children through fun and engaging stories of great creative masters, #blossoms colourful blooms in spring offers hands-on creative experiences that families can share together and bond over ~

If you have yet to join us in The Glasshouse, do visit us ~!

Beyond simply exposing your child to classical chamber music and chamber arts, The Glasshouse is also a wonderful space to grow his / her interest more deeply (find out more about how to interest your child in classical music here !) and to dig into these art forms for personal inner growth and development ~ 

We look forward to seeing you there !