International Focus: Boston Symphony Orchestra 

At Chamber Music and Arts Singapore, we work to bring classical chamber music and chamber arts closer to our communities.  Likewise, with the current pandemic plaguing many countries all across the world, performing centres and orchestras have undertaken innovative ways to enable music and the arts to remain accessible and available to all in the midst of a physically-distanced world. 

Running the Tanglewood Music Center and consisting of the Boston Symphony Chamber Players and Boston Pops Orchestra, Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) reaches millions of listeners through its concert performances and via internet, television, and multiple channels since its first inaugural concert in 1881.  Boasting conductors like Andris Nelsons, Seiji Ozawa, and a powerhouse of musicians, BSO presents more than 250 concerts annually, living up to Henry Lee Higginson’s vision of a great and permanent orchestra in Boston.

In view of the pandemic, BSO launched BSO at Home, which shares a robust collection of BSO performances with listeners worldwide.  Curated by BSO Artistic Administrator Anthony Fogg, BSO at Home: Listening offers full audio recordings from BSO Archives, sorted into wonderfully thoughtful playlists featuring BSO’s Music Directors, distinguished soloists, classical masterworks, 20th Century landmarks and more; made completely free and accessible to all. 

Beyond audio recordings, BSO also kickstarted their very own video series “5 Fast Facts”, featuring the players, staff, guests, and friends of the BSO and Boston Pops as part of BSO at Home: Behind the Scenes.  Listeners and fans are even treated to ‘quarantine-friendly’ classical pieces ~ offered by BSO players at BSO at Home: Musicians, where BSO members perform from their homes, and share what life is like offstage while they #stayathome.  This June, BSO has also wrapped up the final installment of its #BachProject presented by BSO violinists, as they share their personal musical experiences with Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin. 

With BSO at Home, listeners and fans worldwide can stay connected with BSO’s music from home, and even take a peek into the lives of members of the BSO.  Even though live concerts are currently a challenge throughout the world, classical music is still being brought to communities, and kept very much alive. 

If you have yet to visit BSO’s page, do pop by BSO at Home and give their offerings a run ~!  While not presented live, these efforts by the staff and musicians of BSO can guarantee you an immersive afternoon, a wonderful distraction from the difficult and challenging circumstances we are all facing currently throughout the world ~ 


Fun fact:

Did you know that the Boston Symphony Orchestra premiered Bartók’s popular Concerto for Orchestra in 1944 ?  Two of our current and upcoming featured composers within The Glasshouse have deep ties to the Boston Symphony Orchestra and its rich history. 

Definitely join us in The Glasshouse to find out more !