International Focus: London Symphony Orchestra

Besides Boston Symphony Orchestra and New York Philharmonic (view our previous blog posts on them HERE !), the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) is also another remarkable group, being named as one of the top 5 orchestras in the world by Gramophone. The first British orchestra to be owned by its players, LSO was also one of the first orchestras to make gramophone records and film scores, as well as the first to have its own peak-time television series.

Formed in 1904, LSO has withstood the past 11 decades ~ even braving through World War I, where over 30 members of the orchestra served in the Forces. Unique from other orchestras, LSO was first formed when 50 members of the Queen’s Hall Orchestra rebelled against Sir Henry Wood’s edict that ‘no deputies’ be sent to rehearsals and concerts. This fierce independence behind LSO’s founding has since made it stand out from other orchestras, as it continues to pursue being defiantly different. 

Even amidst the current pandemic, LSO continues moving and performing, delivering exciting programmes through online events and radio appearances. With at least 2 offerings to look forward to ~ as London enters its second lockdown right now, listeners of LSO can continue to stay engaged and satisfied, whilst taking physical distance.

View the full online calendar listing of LSO’s programmes HERE ~! 

In addition, LSO has also rolled out Youtube Sundays, a special initiative where excerpts and full works from its season at LSO St Luke’s will be shared every Sunday this autumn. Presenting pieces by Strauss, Dvořák, Stravinsky and more, all these clips are completely free and readily accessible on both LSO’s website and Youtube channel. 

Here at Chamber Music and Arts Singapore, we have been striving to deliver chamber music and chamber arts content to children, youths, young adults and families through The Glasshouse. Moving beyond presenting music purely as a form of entertainment or enjoyment, LSO also works to create fun learning experiences for children through their music. LSO Discovery provides resources for digital activities which children and families can engage in from the comfort of their homes. Through light-hearted video clips, children are guided through stories and can even view scores for various instruments, so that they can play along with the musicians and follow after them. All these resources are also neatly categorised according to varying levels of difficulty, so that children can easily access materials most suitable for themselves. 

For older children and youths, there are also music seminars available on LSO Discovery. Students studying A-Level music can find support from these resources, or simply just enjoy and immerse in an in-depth analysis of set works and performances from LSO players. 

While LSO Discovery provides commendable academic resources for youths pursuing classical music, The Glasshouse by CMAS also provides resources specially curated for youths and young adults, albeit in a different manner. 

#blossoms from an acorn to a thousand-year oak brings one through a journey of self- discovery, of encouraging positive psychology, of exploring expression, and of building character strengths – through engaging with music and the arts in a thoughtfully guided process by our creators. With this experience culminating in forming new bonds with other members of this like-minded community, through interaction and conversation within forum discussions. 

Through the exploration of Virtues of Humanity, Virtues of Transcendence and Virtues of Temperance – encompassing themes like love, social intelligence, gratitude and self-regulation, #blossoms offers room for careful reflection and expression, as well as the development of thoughts and ideas. 

If you have yet to visit The Glasshouse, do drop by HERE to take a look at #blossoms, as well as our other 3 programmes designed for children, and children & youths with special needs ~

This is definitely a wonderful space for you to connect with chamber music and chamber arts, from the safety of your home and at any time of the day.  Our unique collections of Storyboards, Activities and Canvases specially created and curated for personal inner growth will surely be able to keep you company during these long weeks and months of physical distancing !

We look forward to seeing you in The Glasshouse ~!