The Youths of Chamber Music and Arts Singapore

Since 2015, Chamber Music and Arts Singapore (formerly Tang Tee Khoon Grand Series) has been engaging youths in our community through 3 different Programmes for Youths: Secondary School Music Experience programme, Young Artist-in-Residence programme, as well as the Internship Programme.

This November, we’ve welcomed five new interns from Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) into our Internship Programme ~ where for the next two months, they will be getting involved in our work within areas such as Marketing, Customer Relations, Partnerships as well as Programme Research.

The CMAS Internship Programme is designed to create opportunities for Secondary School and Junior College students keen on acquiring hands-on experience in music and arts project management, to bring a project from concept to life ~ with an experienced executive team and alongside internationally-recognised artists, in a professional setting.

Unlike other internship programmes, the CMAS team offers key decision-making roles to the selected interns so they will see their work materialise into tangible outcomes.  CMAS empowers our youths to actively contribute to the process of bringing projects from concept to life ~ so that they can watch their work transform into productions of formal Evening Concerts, interactive Concerts for Children, private music-art experience sessions for children living within challenging circumstances, and our brand new virtual sphere The Glasshouse.

Over the past years, CMAS has welcomed youths from Nanyang Girls’ High, Dunman High School, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, Raffles Institution, Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary), Raffles Girls’ Primary School, Evergreen Secondary School, Zhenghua Secondary School and more. 

Typically, interns will live through the entire process of building a project from ground up – culminating in production weeks when they will be working for LIVE events as part of our backstage, in-hall or front-of-house sub-teams.

This November however ~ as we continue to defend against the global pandemic, living in a time when large-scale face-to-face presentations and events have to be postponed indefinitely, we have placed our youths in work positions instead, within The Glasshouse

Managing this virtual sphere will be a unique experience in itself.  From programme research to activity design; from connecting with our members to maintaining organisational partnerships; from social media to marketing campaigns – our youths can definitely look forward to a fulfilling 2-month run of this Internship Programme from November 2020 to January 2021 !

Convening mainly through Zoom, we have just held our first work meeting successfully.

A quick welcome and then an introduction to each of the executive team members at CMAS with whom they will be working closely ~ each sub-team then received focused attention and a deeper dive into what we can all expect of their job scopes in the coming weeks, as we work collectively to bring The Glasshouse and its programmes to more children, families, youths and young adults internationally.

If you have yet to join us in The Glasshouse, do visit our sphere and keep an eye out for the work of our youths !  We are excited to spend quality time working with these bright and energetic youths, and cannot wait to bring more chamber music and chamber arts to you at home and in schools ! (: