Chamber Music and Arts Singapore – 2020 Wrapped !


2020 is soon coming to an end and we here at Chamber Music and Arts Singapore would like to extend our gratitude to all our partners, supporters, patrons and friends for being with us through this year ~! 

2020 has been a particularly notable year for us, as we witnessed our transformation from TTK Grand Series into Chamber Music and Arts Singapore, an official non-profit company status.  Amidst the pandemic, we also successfully launched our brand new virtual sphere, The Glasshouse, and its 4 specially curated programmes

#origins a fountain of stories for little buds

#origins nurturing confident new sprouts

#blossoms colourful blooms in spring

#blossoms from an acorn to a thousand-year oak

A creative and comforting space, where music and the arts can be shared and enjoyed by both creators, curators, children and youths, we have been sharing stories since August and cannot wait for more to come in the next months and year ! 

Find a full recap of all our accomplishments for The Glasshouse this year on Instagram @chambermusicartssg

Since October, we’ve conducted 13 Walk-Throughs of The Glasshouse, showcasing our virtual sphere and walking our members and other interested organisations and individuals through this space ~ welcoming a host of organisational leaders, teachers, parents and caregivers.

Directly led by our Artistic Director, Tang Tee Khoon ~ all our Walk-Through sessions for 2020 have now concluded, and we will be resuming scheduled Walk-Throughs from January 2021.  All who are interested in joining us ~ to find out how The Glasshouse and its programmes can be adopted and utilised in your homes and your organisations, may sign up for a Walk-Through HERE !

Lastly, we have put up a total of 23 blog posts this year, including features on our Programmes, Spotlights on great classical composers, International and Local focus pieces and more ! 

Thank you for supporting us as Chamber Music and Arts Singapore continues to work to bring the best chamber music and chamber arts to you. 

The 17th of December this year also marked Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday.  Till this day, Beethoven remains admired throughout the world for his musical genius and is fondly remembered in the history of Western music.  Delve deeper into the life of Beethoven through New York Times’ Everything You Need to Know about Beethoven’s 250th birthday, or look back at our feature on Beethoven to catch some interesting details of his legacy ~!

Without the pandemic, we would have presented Beethoven250 – the complete 10 Beethoven Sonatas for piano and violin this November at the Esplanade.  Featuring pianist Luca Buratto and concert violinist Tang Tee Khoon, this project is now slated for 2021.  And we hope to see you there !   

Chamber Music and Arts Singapore will continue to strive in 2021 to inspire, by bringing the best music to the communities connected with us, and we hope that you will stay with us !  Here’s wishing you and your families a joyful New Year ahead ! 

See you in 2021 (: !