Chamber Music and Arts Singapore – our very own short Documentary ~!


Coming end January, Chamber Music and Arts Singapore will be releasing our very own short Documentary Notes of Truth featuring sharings by a host of international and local artists Tang Tee Khoon, Colin Carr, Luca Buratto, Min-Young Kim, Hsin-Yun Huang, Adrian Brendel, Daniel Chong, Hunter Mah, Kevin Loh, Jessica Thompson, Giovanni Gnocchi, Jazimina MacNeil and Florent Héau.

“In order to pursue being a good musician, you lose yourself in the music but as you are pursuing it, you also find yourself.” – Hsin-Yun Huang


Notes of Truth is a timely and thought-provoking short documentary studying the evolution of the classical chamber music industry in Singapore and in communities around the world.  Highlighting the importance and the place classical music should occupy ~ within our societies and our personal individual lives, this short documentary brings together international and local artists to discuss and converse regarding the need for greater awareness, appreciation, and acceptance of classical music in our societies – touching also upon the importance of early exposure to classical music for young ones.


“Unless you have music around you, you won’t be aware of it” – Colin Carr


“Ultimately I don’t think that there’s anything more fulfilling than music: the feeling of playing music that you love and communicating that with people and hope that they also get to love it… I’ve been told by people sometimes after concerts that it was a life-changing moment and what can be more gratifying than that in life ?” – Colin Carr


First aired in December 2019 ~ privately at Youth Corps Singapore’s The Red Box as part of their Teh Tarik sessions, Notes of Truth received a wonderful response from the live audience made out of specially invited youths.  But has yet to be made available to the public.

This January 30, we will be releasing this documentary and making it accessible for everyone and from anywhere, so that all can take a peek behind the scenes at CMAS, and hear directly from our internationally acclaimed artists, on their lives pursuing music as a career.

Don’t miss these open, honest and sincere personal sharings of experiences by these artists ~ with roots from differing communities around the world ~! 

We have just uploaded the trailer to this short documentary onto our Youtube channel.  

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