Notes of Truth – Private Screenings at The Red Box and Zhenghua SS Career Symposium

Private Screening at The Red Box: the premiere of Notes of Truth

On 5 Dec 2019, Chamber Music and Arts Singapore (formerly known as TTK Grand Series) collaborated with Youth Corps Singapore to screen Notes of Truth for the first-ever time, as part of their Teh Tarik sessions at The Red Box.

Held as a private screening for a specially invited group of youths, this premiere was preceded by dinner and LIVE music; and followed by a sharing session with the youth attendees led by our Documentary’s creative team and TTK Homegrown Series musicians.

Organised to explore Classical Music for Social Good, the sharing segment of this Teh Tarik session addressed topics such as the benefits music and the arts can bring to one’s life and one’s community, the place classical music holds in the society of Singapore, the challenges musicians and artists face as we work to engage the community and lead the way for music and the arts to be embraced by individuals into their lives, as well as the various ways a youth can become involved in these long-term efforts within Singapore.

Private Screening at Zhenghua SS Career Symposium: a second screening of Notes of Truth

Chamber Music and Arts Singapore has always been actively involved in bringing youths of Singapore closer to the exciting experience of LIVE classical chamber music.  A consistent guest speaker at Zhenghua Secondary School’s Career Symposium since 2019, our Artistic Director Tang Tee Khoon took the opportunity in 2020 to share a second screening of Notes of Truth with the youths from Zhenghua Secondary School.

The Documentary carries a wide and deep message about the intrinsic value of music and the arts, the place it occupies within our societies through varying lands, how its value can impact individuals and communities, and why we should embrace music and the arts into our lives.  It also provides precious insights into the music and arts industry in Singapore and internationally – a necessary eye-opener for youths who aspire towards a profession in this field.  

The time spent together with the youths of Zhenghua SS concluded with a thought-provoking brainstorm segment.  Looking at a LIVE music production from beginning to end, and the wide array of hard and soft skills necessary within every stage of a project production – this brainstorm segment was designed to spark decisive first thoughts within these youths.  So they can start their journey of understanding in detail – what it takes to begin and sustain a profession in the field of music and the arts.

CMAS will be back in 2021 for Zhenghua Secondary School’s Career Symposium this March.  So do keep a lookout for more insights from this event ~!

Waiting in anticipation for the public release of Notes of Truth this 30th January ? 

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