Notes of Truth – the Production team


Happy Chinese New Year Eve to all ~!  It has been slightly more than a week since the public release of Notes of Truth; have you seen it yet ? 

Combing through and piecing together footages accumulated over three years of filming, the production team from Zeetrope Productions worked tirelessly to deliver Chamber Music and Arts Singapore’s first-ever Documentary ~ and we have gathered some of their insights from this journey here !


What is your biggest takeaway from the production of Notes of Truth ?

“The biggest takeaway for me from a post-production point of view, was reminding myself that crafting a story should be enjoyable and this requires time and effort.  Working in a fast paced environment, we tend to forget that creating and refining a story we want to tell, is not a 2-3 weeks affair.  When I started editing Notes of Truth, it took me a few months to piece the opening sequence together, which was only the first 1.5 mins of the film.  I recall feeling worried about how much time I would need to finish editing the rest of the film.  But as the months passed and the film started to take shape, I felt more and more excited to let people know about this story.” 

— Kuang Zi Ling, Post-Producer / Editor

How did Zeetrope approach the production of this short Documentary, especially in the early stages ?

“There were a lot of possible directions we could have taken.  But I ultimately chose to focus on the Singaporean story – what it is like being a classical musician in Singapore in-comparison with a musician from abroad – whilst keeping a unified storyline on the reasons why one would choose to dedicate one’s life as a classical musician.  

We uncovered the direction of the narrative for Notes of Truth only at a later stage.  It was really through having conversations over coffee with Tee Khoon, learning more about her life journey as a violinist, understanding her experiences of studying and performing in various continents, and what difficulties local musicians face ~ that we were able to find the narrative for this short Documentary.” 

— Gabriel Victor Lin, Co-Founder / Executive Producer

Which aspects of the production of Notes of Truth did you enjoy the most ? 

“Listening to the various performances by the musicians of course !  And to meet with these musicians of varying instrument disciplines and of different backgrounds – individuals assembled for these LIVE concert projects. 

It was both an eye-opener and even more so, an ear-opener ~ to be present and to hear music performed by musicians who are masters of their instruments, exposing myself to a deeper understanding and appreciation for classical music.” 

— Gabriel Victor Lin

How does Notes of Truth stand out from other films you’ve worked on ?

“Notes of Truth is the voice of a classical musician today, in a summary.  The film stands out because of the real perspectives on offer, from musicians who have dedicated their lives to refining both their skills and knowledge.  Many may hear music and appreciate performances.  But few will get to speak with musicians and understand what they feel about their craft, why they would commit their lives to this, and the challenges they face.”

— Gabriel Victor Lin

Zi Ling and Gabriel are key members from Zeetrope who worked with Chamber Music and Arts Singapore to put Notes of Truth together.  A filming production company specialising in story-driven media solutions, Zeetrope Productions produces a wide range of materials ~ from films and commercials to infographics and stills. 

If you have yet to catch Notes of Truth, do visit Viddsee now for this !  It is a perfect breather for your upcoming Chinese New Year break ~!