Introducing our communities of beneficiaries within The Glasshouse ~! 


Happy April everyone ! (:

It was World Autism Awareness Day yesterday !

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce the very special communities of beneficiaries with us from within The Glasshouse !

Pre-pandemic, Chamber Music and Arts Singapore consistently made efforts to connect children & youths living within challenging circumstances with quality music and the arts !  

When COVID-19 struck, we had to put our biannual LIVE private music-art experience sessions on hold.  And it was through the launch of The Glasshouse last August, where we were able to go even further in our service for these children & youths – bringing quality music and the arts straight into the comfort of their homes.

Beyond the Great Classical Composers featured monthly in #origins, The Glasshouse also offers two #blossoms programmes.  In particular, #blossoms colourful blooms in spring – which offers fresh musical-artistic experiences in the form of hands-on experientials for children & youths.

Designed and led by our Artistic Director and professional Art Therapist, this programme aims to encourage children & youths in their development of emotion regulation, calming, creativity and self-expression, as well as positive self-talk and reframing. 

Through the generous donations of our private donors ~ CMAS has been able to welcome two specific communities of beneficiaries into The GlasshouseFriends of ASD Families and MINDS Caregivers Support Services.

A groundup community that aims to support and strengthen families who are striving to raise children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) ~ Friends of ASD Families has been with us since 2019, and we continue to gain a lot of joy as we watch the interest in these children and youths for music and the arts grow ~ as well as the unwavering support given to them by their Caregivers.

Separately, MINDS is an organisation that aspires to be a world-class social service agency that advances the aspirations, development, and well-being of persons with intellectual disabilities and their integration into society.

We are thrilled to be able to welcome families from both of these communities into The Glasshouse ~ with year-long full memberships for all these children & youths together with their Caregivers and families ~ through the kind donations of our private donors.

To ensure this benefit is matched with the right child / youth and his / her family, we started this journey with The Glasshouse Walk-Throughs.  During this time, our communities of beneficiaries came together to experience The Glasshouse and to find out more about the programmes offered in this virtual space.

After the Walk-Through, Caregivers were then given the opportunity to indicate their interest and commitment to a year-long access to The Glasshouse and its programmes.

It has been more than 3 months in The Glasshouse now, with the first of our beneficiaries.  And this means we have accumulated art pieces over time ~ from their own activities within this sphere and from our monthly engagement sessions !

Creative piece by Jonas Teo

My Self Portrait by Yi Fen & Caregiver Beow Cheng


*members of The Glasshouse are invited to join monthly Engagement Sessions held via Zoom with our Artistic Director !  these Sessions are filled with hands-on activities and listening opportunities ~ designed to complement the Stories from within this virtual sphere !

We keep in constant touch with our communities of beneficiaries through dedicated WhatsApp groups – where TGH content updates are shared and where Caregivers exchange photos of artworks created by their children & youths !

To view more artworks and photos from our interactions with our communities of beneficiaries, drop by our Instagram page where we have recently done up two features ~! 

We are truly happy to be able to share some of life’s journeys with these children & youths, and look forward to much more time with all our precious communities of beneficiaries into the future !