The Golden Prime – Schumann, Adès, Brahms

Delve into Schumann’s golden late period that embodies recognizable features found also in the great late style of Beethoven.
Explore his late motivic economy, brevity and concision in parallel with the recent work of contemporary composer,
Thomas Adès who remarks about his detailed craft as ‘the building I have made’, ‘analysing every letter’,
and with Brahms’ organic unity (itself inspired by Schumann) within his late preoccupation for the potential of sonata form.

For young ones who are just starting out, we have two specially designed interactive Concerts for Children the afternoon of 11 Nov.
Send them off to a 50-minute session of fun and learning with these international artists and a great facilitator !

3pm 11 Nov 2018
for ages 0-6

Composers often have a fascination for tradition and for dance.

Journey through the history of a Polish folk dance from Chopin to Adès;
and peek into Schumann and Brahms’ take on Folk style and Hungarian tunes with us.

5pm 11 Nov 2018
for ages 6-12

A few days after receiving a letter from Clara Schumann mourning the death of her son,
Brahms sent her his Violin Sonata in G, which final movement borrows famously from his ‘Rain Songs’ Op. 59.
Discover this poetic musical gift, Brahms’ way of providing a delicate uplift to Clara, his beloved friend.

Esplanade Recital Studio
Date: 11 Nov 2018

About the Musicians:
Luca Buratto
Gabriel Schwabe
Tang Tee Khoon

About our Animateur:

Alyssa Lie

Admission only for children ages 12 and under. Admission not for adults.

Exception made for children ages 4 & under. Accompanying parents allowed for each child age 4 & under. Accompanying parents will also need tickets.

*limited observer tickets for accompanying parents for children ages 5 & above, available upon special written request here.

*each Esplanade PIP’s Club member and The Artground reader is allowed a purchase of a minimum of two to a maximum of four tickets at the discounted price below.
There are limited numbers of the below discounted tickets available.

Concerts for Children Discounted Tickets

All purchased Concerts for Children tickets will be readied for pick-up at our welcome desk on the day of the Concerts, 11 Nov itself,
at the foyer of the Esplanade Recital Studio.  See you there !