Mozart 36

22 Operas, 41 Symphonies, 27 Piano Concerti, 18 Piano Sonatas, 23 String Quartets, 36 Sonatas for piano and violin – all this and more created in just a short span of 35 years of life, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born in Salzburg, continued to be prolific until the last year of his life in Vienna, when he produced some of his greatest works ‘The Magic Flute’, his Clarinet Concerto and the unfinished ‘Requiem’.

Mozart 36 follows his journey as a young composer from age 8 with the first of his Sonatas for piano and violin to the last in 1788, when he was living at the centre of the Viennese musical world as the city’s finest keyboard player and a hugely successful composer.

For young ones who are just starting out, don’t miss a powerhouse line-up of internationally-acclaimed classical chamber musicians at our upcoming set of specially designed interactive Concerts for Children this 4 April 2020 at Esplanade Recital Studio !

Join our engaging animateurs and these internationally acclaimed musicians for a session of fun and learning, as TTK Grand Series concludes its one and a half year journey through the complete 36 Sonatas for piano and violin by Mozart, and a selection of his iconic chamber works and concerti, with this final and last of our trilogy of Mozart 36 projects.

Mozart’s beloved Clarinet Quintet
10am 4 Apr 2020 for ages 0-2 (30 mins)

Immerse within the lilting Minuet and lighthearted Variations from one of the best-known works ever written for the clarinet.  This work of beauty by Mozart has remained exceptionally popular to this day.  Spend your morning with your babies, discovering the different textures and sound worlds of each of the 5 instruments featured in this enduring piece, through sensory play and relaxed listening.

Mozart’s beloved Clarinet Quintet
11am 4 Apr 2020 for ages 2-4 (30 mins)

Written for his friend Anton Stadler, a virtuoso clarinetist from the court orchestra in Vienna, this Quintet was one of three works Mozart produced for the clarinet, during the last years of his life – singlehandedly bringing this instrument from being a novelty into one with a glorious solo status.  Discover intimately, the 5 instruments featured in this golden work, with our animateur and musicians !

Mozart’s String Quartet ‘The Hunt’
12noon 4 Apr 2020 for ages 4-6 (40 mins)

Inspired by Haydn’s set of 6 String Quartets composed in 1781, Mozart who often played music in casual settings with Papa Haydn, would follow suit with a set of 6 String Quartets of his own.  The fourth of this set, nicknamed ‘The Hunt’, features 4 string instruments in pursuit of one another.  Can you hear which instrument is ‘hunting’ and which instrument is being ‘chased’ ?  Let’s discover this same phenomenon in the animal kingdom !

Mozart’s String Quartet ‘The Hunt’
130pm 4 Apr 2020 for ages 6-12 (50 mins)

In the animal kingdom, we often see the relationship of ‘predators’ and ‘preys’ at work.  Predators have evolved successful hunting strategies over time.  So have preys evolved successful strategies for escape over time.  By delving into the animated and lively music of Mozart’s String Quartet KV 458 nicknamed ‘The Hunt’, we’ll discover parallels between the musical structure found in this music and the natural phenomenon animals experience on a daily basis in their world !

Esplanade Recital Studio

4 Apr 2020

About the Musicians:

Ida Bryhn
Luca Buratto
Florent Héau
Olivia Jeremias
Yuki Kasai
Tang Tee Khoon

** with Re:Sound members

About our Animateurs:

Cheryl Kjm
Sharon Sum

Admission only for children ages 12 and under.  Admission not for adults.

Exception made for children ages 4 & under.  Accompanying parents allowed for each child age 4 & under.  Accompanying parents will also need tickets.
*limited observer tickets for accompanying parents for children ages 5 & above, available upon special written request here.

Please bring along a copy of your Paypal purchase receipt for ticket collection on the day of our Concerts for Children on 4 April 2020.
Our team members will be ready to greet you at our welcome desk situated outside the Esplanade Recital Studio.

See you there !

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