After two long years ~ Chamber Music and Arts Singapore (formerly TTK Grand Series) is finally back with a LIVE project at the Esplanade this January !  Featuring Italian pianist Luca Buratto and Singaporean concert violinist Tang Tee Khoon ~ join us as we celebrate Beethoven’s belated 250th birthday with his complete 10 Sonatas for piano and violin over a marathon of 4 epic formal Evening Concerts and 2 fun interactive Concerts for Children !

Specially for young ones who are just starting out, don’t miss this morning of fun and learning with our engaging animateur and internationally-acclaimed classical chamber musicians at our upcoming pair of interactive Concerts for Children this 8 Jan 2022 at the Esplanade Recital Studio !

10am 8 Jan 2022 for ages 0-6 (40 mins)

Did you know there are four seasons in a year ?  Come experience Beethoven’s colourful inner world inspired by nature ~ through his famous Sonata No. 5 for piano and violin nicknamed ‘Spring’ !  Soak up the fresh key of F major and discover the different seasons with your babies and children this morning with us !

Jokes and Rounds
12noon 8 Jan 2022 for ages 6-12 (50 mins)

Beethoven was a master of jokes and rounds !  In his complete 10 Sonatas for piano and violin, there are numerous musical jokes and playful rounds we can catch !  Expect a musically ticklish morning with us !




Esplanade Recital Studio

 8 Jan 2022

About the Musicians:

Luca Buratto
Tang Tee Khoon

About our Animateur:

Cheryl Kjm