Homegrown Series at Hvala

Chamber Music and Arts Singapore’s Homegrown Series upholds our promise to create unique platforms for exceptional Singaporean classical chamber musicians to connect communities with quality classical chamber music.  From Jan-May 2019, together with Hvala @CHIJmes, we worked to create an oasis in the heart of the city where exceptional homegrown artists can offer their voices and share chamber music with intimate audiences, over warm cups of tea and matcha ice cream.  We thank you for the love and support you gave us through those months !

As a gesture of appreciation, we also refreshed our take on this once-a-month appearance at the Japanese teahouse, to bring you a newly tailored experience in the latter half of 2019.

Held at the intimate gallery space of Hvala @111 Somerset, our interactive musical sessions in the latter half of 2019 saw the entire teahouse reserved only for the patrons of our Homegrown Series.  Patrons were treated to a fully private, intimate experience where the teahouse staff were solely there for them.  During those exclusive evenings, guests enjoyed the serenity of the space, met with the musicians and took-in chamber music at close proximity.  Hvala sees themselves afterall, as a space designed for people to bond, friendships to flourish and minds to rejuvenate.

We look forward to future Homegrown Series adventures with you !