Chamber Music and Arts Singapore’s Apprenticeship programme (formerly our Internship programme) is designed for Secondary School and JC students who are keen on acquiring hands-on experience in arts project management.  Selected apprentices will work with the CMAS team to bring about the fruition of a specially designed themed project presenting formal Evening Concerts, interactive Concerts for Children and activities within the communities.  Unlike other internship programmes, the CMAS team offers key decision-making roles to the students so they can see their efforts materialise into tangible outcomes.  This programme usually spans a period of 3 months each year.  Schools can enquire for further details via

“Thank you for giving us this fabulous opportunity to get to know the international artists. It has certainly given our HMP class a great experience.”

“Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to learn customer service. From this we have learnt much about business and putting others first.”

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn how to organise a concert ! I got to learn many useful skills such as marketing, communications, hospitality and definitely the inspiration from all of your burning passion for music, your determination and perseverance. It has been an honourable and memorable experience like no other.”

– 2015 Nanyang Girls’ High School Internship programme

Apprenticeship programme with Zhenghua Secondary School
Oct-Nov ‘22

Internship programme with Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary)
Nov ’21-Jan ‘22

Internship programme with Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary), Henry Park Primary School, Nanyang Girls’ High School
May-Aug ‘21

Internship programme with Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary)
Nov ’20-Jan ‘21

Internship Programme with Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary), Raffles Girls’ Primary School, Raffles Institution, and Zhenghua Secondary School
Aug-Nov ‘19

The second of our trilogy of Mozart 36 projects served at total of just over 1400 audiences through 9 Concerts for Children, 3 Evening Concerts, 2 workshops, 1 Internship programme, 2 Secondary School Music Experience programmes, 2 open rehearsals, a private iGen Club event and a tea house interactive session.

And it was possible only with the immense focus of each team member, each volunteer and each intern.

For 3 months, our interns from RGSS, RGPS, RI, and TKGS worked on research and writing, fundraising, direct enquiries and social media communications under the guidance of our executive team.  And during the final 2 production weeks, our supporting interns from Zhenghua Secondary School entered the programme ~ giving us a boost at Front of House, in-hall as well as backstage.

Bravo to all of you.  We hope you keep the memories from this Internship programme and continue to grow courageously as generous individuals within each community you are placed in !

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Internship Programme with Evergreen Secondary School, Raffles Girls’ School and Nanyang Girls’ High School
Mar-Jun ‘19

2019 saw us expanding our Internship programme to further schools, allowing the programme to be the most diverse yet since the Series started this offering in 2015.  From Mar-Jun 2019, Grand Series interns from Evergreen Secondary School, Raffles Girls’ School and Nanyang Girls’ High School worked intensely to produce Mozart 36 with our team.

Through these 3 months leading up to production week, not only have the interns each learnt a ton from working in their respective sub teams (marketing, direct enquiries, artistic programme, public relations, fundraising, social media etc.), they have also grown a friendship and a sense of camaraderie that we never imagined would be.

It is a warm feeling seeing how much they’ve matured since the start of the programme: learning to think quicker on their feet, for those more reserved – stepping up to speak more often and receiving first hand experience in bringing a large project to life.  It has been a memorable journey of learning and bonding.  Great job interns !

We will miss you !

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#ttkgrandseries @ttkgrandseries #Mozart36 #Mozart36interns
#internship #interns #classicalmusic #music #mozart #violin #piano #duo #mozartsonata

Internship Programme with Dunman High School and Nanyang Girls’ High School
Feb-May ‘18

Students from DHS Music Elective Programme and NYGH Higher Music Programme, had a chance to sign up for an internship spot with the TTKGS to bring to fruition ‘The Poetry in Life ~ Schumann, Adès, Brahms’.

From physical marketing, public relations, social media, customer service direct enquiries, fundraising, artistic programme, front of house, backstage production, to in-hall leaders — our interns each undertook pivotal roles to bring about our Evening Concerts, Concerts for Children and our host of activities in the community this May 2018.

Here pictured, are our interns – busy setting up our Front of House before families and children turn up for our morning sessions of Concerts for Children.

Visit our Instagram page here for more intimate stories about our interns themselves !

Internship Programme with NYGH Higher Music Program students
Mar-May ‘17

Students of Nanyang Girls’ High School are outstanding in their resilience, diligence and abilities.  Despite juggling a full schedule at school with their studies and CCA commitments, a select few from the Higher Music Program sign up for an internship opportunity with the TTK Grand Series each year.

This year, a pair of Secondary 4 students worked within Beethoven Heroic Years to provide the project with marketing, customer service and production support.  They were also assisted by their seniors, a group of strong and enthusiastic returning interns who have now graduated from NYGH to Hwa Chong Institute !

Internship programme with NYGH Higher Music Program students
Nov ’15-Mar ‘16

Our internship programme with the NYGH Higher Music Program gives us so much impetus to continue presenting great music to the communities in Singapore. These youths bring with them seemingly limitless optimism and enthusiasm. With them working in teams towards the fruition of ‘Beethoven Last Years’, it was their sense of responsibility and commitment to quality, that allowed a project of such gravity and scope to become a reality for Singaporean audiences.

We hope the Sec 3 and Sec 4 Higher Music Program students of NYGH who were involved in ‘Beethoven Last Years’ ~ taking care of areas from marketing, ticketing, production, front of house, customer service to in-hall responsibilities, for the project ~ are proud of their work !

Internship programme with NYGH Higher Music Program students
Jan-May ’15

In the first half of 2015, 13 secondary 3 students from Nanyang Girls’ High Higher Music Program interned with the Concert Series, to follow the entire process of the production of ‘Transcending the Ordinary’ ~ late works of Schubert.

In these 5 months, they were able to fulfill their potentials and grow their abilities as they were closely guided and entrusted with work in research and writing, electronic marketing, physical marketing, customer service, ticketing, production, front of house, backstage, in-hall responsibilities, and artists’ care.

These girls are intelligent, and enthusiastic. They also each have their own strengths that we nurtured through this programme. It was indeed a treat for the Series to see these 13 interns grow and experience what it means to be ready for work in the society.

Click here for Lian He Zhao Bao’s coverage of this NYGH internship programme and ‘Transcending the Ordinary’.