Chamber Music and Arts Singapore’s Secondary School Music Experience programme is designed as a week-long in-depth exposure to international-level classical chamber music for the full spectrum of Secondary School students.  This experience programme consists of three segments: a masterclass, a closed-door open rehearsal and an Evening Concert.  Crafted in a personally engaging way, this tailored experience programme facilitates the better appreciation of quality classical chamber music in Secondary School students.  Schools can enrol via

“Thank you for inviting us to your open rehearsal yesterday. It was a great opportunity for us to get so close to musicians. The way you enjoy music impressed me so much.”

“I may not understand deeply about your pieces, but the sound of every key sends you love and I really appreciate that you can come to our boarding school and present such a wonderful open rehearsal for us.”

“Thank you for inviting us to your open rehearsal, it was a great opportunity for us to get so close to musicians.  I am also a music lover but I only cared about how lovely the music sounds.  Now I know I should understand the story behind the music and try my best to present it to the audience as well.”

Secondary School Music Experience programme with Dunman High School
Nov ’22

Secondary School Music Experience programme with Tanjong Katong Girls’ School
May ’22

Secondary School Music Experience programme with Tanjong Katong Girls’ School
Mar ’21

String Ensemble workshop and Open Rehearsal segments for students of Raffles Girls’ Primary School
Nov ’19

A lively, curious and enthusiastic group of students, the String Ensemble of Raffles Girls’ Primary School was part of our Secondary School Music Experience programme in Nov 2019.  Tailored specially for their needs, solo violinist Tang Tee Khoon and pianist Luca Buratto headed down to RGPS for an afternoon string ensemble workshop when the energetic girls received strict and light-hearted guidance to ensemble playing through working specifically on a performance piece.  Scaffolding the learning, building the ensemble step by step, so each individual girl is able to build confidence as a member of the group, was a large focus of this segment.

This workshop segment was then followed by an Open Rehearsal and an Evening Concert segment 2 days later at the Esplanade Recital Studio.  These young participants were given the opportunity to observe TTKGS artists at work from close proximity and to receive specific guidance and explanations as to the rehearsal work being conducted ~ an eye-opening experience for these young minds.  And finally to see the work in its final form during the public formal Evening Concert.

We thoroughly enjoyed having you in our midst from workshop to Evening Concert !  Thank you for joining us on this journey and see you soon again !

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Master Class and Open Rehearsal segments for students of Juying Secondary School
Oct-Nov ’19

It is a joy to provide our Secondary School Music Experience programme for the full spectrum of Secondary School students who approach our doors.  TTK Grand Series keep our doors open so any child, youth, adult and senior can approach us with their interest in classical music.  And in this instance, Juying Secondary School had a specific small handful of students whom they felt would benefit from observation of careful work.  And we welcome-d them with open arms.

Their first master class segment started off at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, when the students from Juying Secondary School sat in to observe chamber music masterclasses led by our TTK Grand Series artists for YST students in Oct 2019.  During this intense and full afternoon, the students from Juying were able to observe 7 pairs of piano-violin duos as well as a wind octet ~ at work on some of Mozart’s chamber music pieces.  Through observation and a specific guided worksheet, the students were introduced to concepts of music-making new to them.

These concepts were then further explored during their Open Rehearsal and Evening Concert segments at the Esplanade Recital Studio the following week – a time and opportunity for these students to think more in-depth about their newly found knowledge.

Our SSME programme truly embraces students of all levels with interest in classical chamber music.  Write us at for our next upcoming run of this programme in Mar-Apr 2020 !

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Master Class and Open Rehearsal segments for students of Tanjong Katong Girls’ School
Jun ’19

It was a joy to be at Tanjong Katong Girls’ School this June, providing all 4 levels of MEP students with our master class and open rehearsal segments ~ led by British pianist Sam Haywood and Singaporean solo violinist Tang Tee Khoon.  Each pair of students who presented a short work in front of their peers, for guidance from the artists ~ gave all of us in the hall a chance to address important topics of discussion.  From techniques for sound production and intonation work on string instruments, to finding a healthy physical approach to the instrument; from healthy practise mindsets to the musical research one needs to undertake in order to represent musical works sufficiently onstage; we spent a meaningful afternoon digging deeper into solutions for performing artists.

This SSME programme then culminated in the students’ attendance of Mozart 36 Evening Concert on June 7th at the Esplanade, so they could really see the artists put their words of advice into real-life practice !  We look forward to seeing these students again ~

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Master Class and Open Rehearsal segments for students of Evergreen Secondary School
Jun ’19

What a precious memory it has been, holding our Secondary School Music Experience programme for nine students from Evergreen Secondary School this June.  Without any bias, our SSME programme aims to create equal opportunities for students from all walks of life, especially for youths with less access to quality arts.  It is an incredible opportunity for them to receive the Tote Board Arts Grant subsidy and through this programme, have one-on-one time with the international artists who are willing to guide students at the exact level they come to us, have a peek into the production by sitting in on one of our fun and interactive Open Rehearsals and have their experience culminate in our Evening Concert with the Grand Series artists.

This programme reminds us that every child and every youth who has the opportunity can develop and blossom.

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#secschmusicexperience #violin #piano #duo #classicalmusic #music #chambermusic #masterclass

Open Rehearsal for the students of Changkat Changi Secondary School
Nov ’18

A continuation of their weeklong experience, the Changkat Changi Secondary School students met up with the TTKGS international artists yet again. But this time, at the stage door of Esplanade Theatres on the Bay. Collecting their backstage passes, winding through the vast Esplanade backstage area and arriving to the Recital Studio, it was the first time for all of these students to have a physical close-up experience of the backstage journey of a performing artist.

After some fun moments of expressions of ‘woah, I feel like a VIP!’ from these students, we settled down to prep for the rehearsal, but not before the students were introduced to a specially designed activity to provoke their thoughtful reflection on the art of creating an environment where music can be meaningfully engaged with. This open rehearsal (closed-door to the public) acts as a precursor to the final segment of their experience programme – the public Evening Concert. Which now becomes a beautiful conclusion to the work and exploration we’d done together in the master class and open rehearsal about the knowledge, understanding and values performing musicians have to develop in their every day lives – in order to be successful onstage.

Master Class for the students of Changkat Changi Secondary School
Nov ’18

When Changkat Changi Secondary School expressed interest in the TTKGS Evening Concert programmes, it was decided that in addition to experiencing the Evening Concert at Esplanade, TTKGS would serve these 13 students with a greater and more complete experience. With the purpose of enhancing their understanding and enjoyment of the Evening Concert, TTKGS artists and team organized for the students to attend a master class and an open rehearsal in the week leading up to the Evening Concert.

Although these students originate from CCAs like chinese orchestra, band, and string ensemble, they have very limited access to quality arts in their daily lives and almost certainly have never had any personal interaction with professional musicians. During the master class, it was a time when 2 of their peers could present a simple work each to the artists; hear as active listeners, greater concepts regarding a healthy mental and physical approach to being a musician; and develop relationships with the professional musicians through playful and lighthearted interaction during learning.

Open Rehearsal for the students of Qihua Primary School
May ‘17

This cheerful energetic group of students from Qihua Primary School has never attended a classical music concert.  So it was a precious opportunity we were able to give them, when they sat in for one of our rehearsals for Beethoven Heroic Years Concerts for Children.

On the menu was a short rehearsal of Beethoven’s String Quartet Op. 95 ‘Serioso’, where the children were able to hear the dramatic heroic story behind this gripping work and watch the musicians in the midst of their intense discussions and musical attempts.  Other small sides were excerpts from Mozart’s Duo for violin and viola, and Dvořák’s Trio for 2 violins and 1 viola, which the children were able to react instinctively to.

TTK Grand Series finds meaning in providing tailored musical experiences for groups of children, youths, music connoisseurs and even corporate clients.  Contact us at for your tailored experiences !

In Good Company ~ a Charity Concert by the Strings of Nanyang
and our Friends from Afar
Mar ‘16

A week before ‘Beethoven Last Years’, Olivia Jeremias and Tang Tee Khoon landed into Singapore before the rest of the musicians arrived, to hold workshops for the string ensembles of Nanyang Girls’ High School and Nanyang Primary School.

This culminated in a charity concert on 13 Mar 2016 at the Siew May Auditorium of Nanyang Girls’ High School.

String ensembles of the two schools shared with audiences popular music from the musical Les Misérables, and works by upbeat composers Piazzolla and Vivaldi. The visiting international artists sat within the NYGH string ensemble to play alongside the youths at times, and also presented a movement from Beethoven’s late string quartet Op. 127 in E flat major.

Collaborative efforts like these allow the visiting international artists to experience being part of the community in Singapore. They also give Singaporean communities the opportunity to embrace international visitors and to share with them a common ground through music.

Workshop for combined Primary School string ensemble at NYPS
May ‘15

The Tang Tee Khoon Grand Series believes in providing the best musical experiences for young ones. And in May, we were able to give young talented musicians from the string ensembles of Nanyang Primary School and Catholic High School, a combined string ensemble workshop, led by violinist Yuki Kasai.

Working with children gives us a sense of purpose. It also gives us a sense of accomplishment when we see them understand concepts, make effort and grow in their skills. After the workshop, Yuki Kasai then took the seat as concertmaster while Mariko Hara, Olivia Jeremias, and Tang Tee Khoon joined and sat within the combined primary school string ensemble, to present a short performance for the parents and families of the NYPS students.

It was a joy to see the children step up to the occasion and take pride in the fact that they were sitting and playing alongside professional musicians. We hope it was an unforgettable experience for them.

Open Rehearsal at NYBS
March ’14

In the developmental stage of the Grand Series, we relied on Nanyang Boarding School to provide us with a rehearsal space. It was a special atmosphere in which to rehearse. Rehearsing where students live and study gave us a sense of being part of a thriving community.

It’s wonderful to know our music brought joy to the students!