Chamber Music and Arts Singapore’s Young Artist-in-Residence programme is designed for talented young classical musicians age 21 & under, who want to develop their musicianship and performance ability through close study with our international artists.  This structured programme consists of one-on-one lessons, access to an open rehearsal and entry tickets to our Evening Concerts.  Limited individual spaces are available twice a year.  Parents and young musicians may enquire for further details and programme fees via

“We’d love to hear/chat about your interpretation of Bach – it was very interesting & new.”

“Great music – never heard such satisfactory music in my life – I have found a role model for music.  It wasn’t just music to my ears – it was a total mix of emotions.”

– from TTK Grand Series guest book

“The secrets of late Beethoven were laid bare and lapped up by the most attentive and receptive of audiences … again exhibited all the qualities that make great chamber music-making, with all four listing intently, reacting and gelling as one.”

“Other than the regular airing of his Choral Symphony, Ludwig van Beethoven’s late works are hardly ever performed in Singapore.  His visionary musical ideas and profundity of thought make these utterances demanding for both performers and audiences alike.  But trust Singaporean violinist Tang Tee Khoon to bring together musical colleagues from around the world and devote two concerts for this just cause.”

– Straits Times, Singapore

Young Artist-in-Residence programme with Tanglin Trust School
Nov ‘22

Young Artist-in-Residence programme with Hwa Chong Junior College
Jun ‘19

Featured Artists & Programme Dates

Ida Bryhn

Mar-Apr 2020

Luca Buratto

Mar-Apr 2020

Florent Héau

Mar-Apr 2020

Olivia Jeremias

Mar-Apr 2020

Yuki Kasai

Mar-Apr 2020

Tang Tee Khoon

Mar-Apr 2020